For the lovers, the seekers and the sometimes believers.

Next Intake: 4 May 2024 — 3 August 2024

Join Kate Kendall and others on this 3 month journey into ritual, reverence for self & uplifting experiences.

Spiritually Fit helped me during a huge transitional time in my year.

Through this experience, I am determined to make spiritual practices a part of my way of living. There is still so much knowledge and skills to develop. I get excited thinking about it! Can’t wait to join for the next round.

Nicole Biskop 

The method


Learn ancient and effective techniques that help to declutter the mind.


Feel stronger and more relaxed in the body.


Restore the natural flow of your breath with both ritualised and day-to-day breathing techniques where the goal is to feel better more often.


Twice monthly gatherings give us the opportunity to relate and experience workshops & teachings from SF Guides. More below.

Your journey guides

Kate Kendall

Passionate about teaching the art of slowing down through yoga, meditation and writing, Kate is the Co-Founder and Director of Yoga at Flow Athletic. She’s humbled to be your guide for SF and her intention is to hold a space that is grounded and inspiring.

Jess Fenech

When we breathe consciously, we can clear out the mental chatter and help find clarity in whatever we need. Jess helps people find that focus and is delighted to be leading an exquisite and unique experience fusing meditation and the Huna philosophies in the Hawaiian tradition.

Maryanne Edwards

Sharing Vinyasa and Yin yoga classes regularly, as well as leading teacher trainings and workshops, Maryanne believes in the power of these art forms to cultivate a steady calm interior to support you through the dynamic often chaotic world. Inspired by her teachers Idit Hefer Tamir, Sarah Powers, Tara Judelle & Scott Lyons (Embodied Flow™), she brings to SF ‘Philosophy & Flow’ as her offering through the lens of Tantric philosophy.

Mark Ashmore

Mark has been teaching the wonders of yoga for a decade and has been a student of for more than double that. Drawn to the mystical side of yoga he also imparts Jyotish vedic astrology readings @astrologywithmark as another tool to create clarity and awareness on the path of life. In 2021 he released his first self written kirtan album (after hosting events for many years around Sydney) @heartlightmusic. His teachers include Clive Sheridan, Komilla Sutton and Sri Sakthi Narayani Amma. 

Spiritually Fit might not be anything like you expect it to be, because the journey is very much what you make of it and take with you.

Stay curious and open-minded about each of the ideas and practices offered and you’ll find lots to be curious about, both inside and outside of yourself! Laughs and tears, frustrations and purpose, breathing and moving, with a healthy dose of happiness every day was my learning from the Spiritually Fit journey — be curious and get into it.

Daniel Renton

Sounding good?

This is an invitation to uplevel, uplift and enjoy more of the good stuff in life. Let us guide you.

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The specifics

What do you receive?

  • Weekly contemplation emails exploring ideas & philosophies that can be utilised and put into practice for your every day. The intention behind these is to receive and contemplate wisdom then practice embodiment and really living the philosophy.

  • 4 x Workshops by our Journey Guides 

  • 4 x ‘Ritual’ Initiations by Kate Kendall during which you will be led through your daily practices for the month

What is it?

  • An exploration of both ancient & modern breathing techniques and meditations 
  • A leaning into and decoding of philosophies through the lens of yoga 
  • A giver of useful tools for weathering emotional storms 
  • A provider of small changes through new daily habits resulting in big shifts

How does it work?

Meet as a group in person twice a month at the studio on the outlined key dates below.

Set aside time most days to commit to the at-home ritual which will include a set of breathworks, kriyas & meditation.

These are practices to keep you aligned, focused and truly connected in a whole new way.

Participants are asked to commit to the at-home Ritual most days.

These are practices to keep you aligned, focused and truly connected in a whole new way.

Next Intake: 4 May 2024 — 3 August 2024

Regulate, Restore, Reconnect

2024 Key Dates

Saturday 4th May

Saturday 25 May

Saturday 1 June

Friday 21 June

Saturday 6 July

Saturday 20 July

Friday 2 Aug

Cost included 7 x workshops led by KK and other facilitators, weekly contemplations and a set of Mala Beads 
$795 (payment plans available) 

I really loved the Spiritually Fit course and even though I was going through an incredibly busy time, I’m pleased I did it.

I got an enormous amount from it and it’s the gift that keeps giving. My greatest learning is flexibility within my practice and learning to recognise what I need in the moment; self-awareness to go ‘in’ and listen and having an abundant toolbox to choose from now.

Pamela Steele 

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This is an invitation to uplevel, uplift and enjoy more of the good stuff in life. Let us guide you.

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